Jutted bones weigh you down. 
I’m the stones in your pockets. 
Gasp for breath inside these walls,
I’m here beside you as you fall.

Sea blue set in Orbit,
My world beneath darkened eyelids.
Held in arms inscribed, heart beats against painted lines. 

A wren stark on paled skin, 
Caged with a body that cannot win.
Captured moments taped on cupboard doors. 
A life you deserve to live. The lie you’re trapped with. 

Laughs and rehearsed tricks. 
Smiles; just a turn of the lips. 
Watching birds fly, 
Your eyes bright as they hit the sky. 
A catch in my throat. 
Chest rips.
Is this what love is.

You’re the home I didn’t know I’d missed.
Whispered songs mix with IV bleats,
‘I need my girl, I need my girl.’
Without you my heart bleeds.

Beautiful man, I wish I could show you what I am.
Accounts in red, years spent. 
Hairs turned light without sun; 
If only I hadn’t been your one.

'WREN' is on show at Kreativ House in London from 1 - 24 Feb 2018 as part of the Letters to Lost Lovers exhibit




‘You mean more than anyone in this life,’
Words that ache hollow insides.
Run your finger down my nose,
Lashes begin to close.
You cry at my feet, 
Like the child they used to beat.

Pretty boy, I know you are weak.
Spit crafted lines. Tell me I am nothing.
Wrap your hands around my throat, 
I said something you didn’t want to know.
Fingertips turn white as I choke.

Tightened grip on struggling wrists,
Claw to leave but I never scream.
Talk of cutting me to bits.
I lay on carpet alone,
Stay even when your eyes are closed.

Tell me I’m your everything, 
Tears that stain knees of denim.
My hand strokes dark hair.
Parts collected. Attempt to repair;
Splintered hopes, fractured dreams.
Let me mean enough not to leave.

A normality I never thought would be.
Holes in doors and shaking limbs.
You ask to be held while you sleep.
Broken boy, I know the secrets you keep.

Hearts bound through desperation.
The glint of a blade to keep me.
Locked in tessellation with those that need.
Craving the sight of a man who will never see. 

Smiles set on inkjet, days you wouldn’t speak.
Lies pinned to walls and wrapped in sheets.
A stranger inside traced skin.
I know the beds you’ve slept in.
I cry at your feet, 
This irrelevance breaks me.

'BROKEN' is on show at Kreativ House in London from 1 - 24 Feb 2018 as part of the Letters to Lost Lovers exhibit